I Can’t Get a Job Because I Have No Experience and I Have No Experience Because I Can’t Get A Job

Shivani Gandhi
7 min readJan 23, 2023

It’s honestly a classic cycle and one that makes very little sense. Obviously before your first job you will have no experience or at least relevant experience…..which is why you want the job..duh.

As a mentor to many of my peers and someone that loves sharing advice (yes, that’s a quick plug to book a session through https://topmate.io/shivanigandhi), a common question that I’m asked is “how do I get experience to land an internship” or “how do you land the first one” and I find myself sharing the same types of information, so I’ve decided to write this article as a consolidated resource on where and how to gather some experience fairly easily as well as provide a few platforms other than LinkedIn to continue the job search.

So without further ado (I’ve always wanted to say that), here are a few resources.

Disclaimer: This is geared towards computer science, software engineering, and the tech industry in general. Though this will help others as well, it might help the “tech folk” a bit more just because these platforms offer more of those types of opportunities and my experience is within the field.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Alright, now first thing’s first. Let’s set the scene. You’re a college student and you’ve taken a few of…